Why Leasing AV Equipment Makes Sense

Why Leasing AV Equipment Makes Sense

Leasing AV equipment rather than buying holds several benefits for businesses, event organisers, and individuals.

With leasing you don’t have to be concerned about the equipment not being the latest technology. When buying, you will want to recoup on the initial AV equipment investment before selling the equipment in order to upgrade to newer systems.
Unfortunately with advances in technology also comes the downside of depreciation. With technology becoming more affordable and new technology developed almost annually, equipment quickly loses reselling value and you can thus never really get the price of what the equipment is worth. As such you will lose a considerable amount of money with every upgrade.

Understandably you will thus use the existing AV systems until they no longer work. This practice, however, means having to compromise on quality and competitiveness. Add to such, the cost of maintenance and the frustration of equipment failure during important events, and you can see why leasing makes sense.

When you make use of our leasing options, you will be able to upgrade and upscale according to your requirements, will always have access to the latest technologies and don’t have to be concerned about possible equipment failures during presentations. Our leasing contracts include a wide range of AV equipment, complete delivery and installation, the service and maintenance in addition to insurance, allowing you to budget better.

Of course, one also has to consider the benefit of cash-flow control. When purchasing audio-visual systems you will have to make a considerable upfront capital layout. With cash-flow one of the most prominent reasons why businesses fail it makes sense to not tie up capital in equipment, but to rather use such for business growth.

You pay an insurance premium as part of the lease agreement and as such, the equipment is already insured against theft. With the added advantage of asset tracking your risks are further reduced.

With service and maintenance included in the AV equipment leases you don’t have to pay the hefty fees often associated with technician call-outs. In addition, you will never be without equipment as the systems can be replaced with temporary equipment if repairs are needed and you don’t have to take the equipment to the supplier for repairs. Add to such the elimination of having to deal with warranty claims if the equipment breaks down and you experience convenience and cost savings when making use of our AV equipment leasing options.