Why Get Expert Advice on the Selection and Installation of a Boardroom AV System?

Why Get Expert Advice on the Selection and Installation of a Boardroom AV System?

When it comes to the creation of an effective meeting space, you cannot ignore the importance of the right choice and the correct installation of a boardroom AV system.  The boardroom is where you will meet with important clients, the place where key strategic decisions will be made and it is the meeting window of the company.

Audio-visual presentations must be impressive, practical, and highly functional. Compromise on sound and visual aspects and you will take away from the ability of attendees to listen and communicate effectively – not to mention look foolish if you are struggling with settings of your system in front of a client.

Highly effective boardrooms include state-of-the-art technology to allow for HD video conferencing and the audio systems that will ensure clarity of speech. It is furthermore important to have the necessary user-friendly intuitive control systems in place to make it as hassle-free as possible to control sound and visual technology in support of creating an environment where productive meetings can be hosted.

In the past, boardroom AV systems were installed and operated by the audio-visual departments of companies. However, the lines of sound and visual engineering have blurred over the years and the responsibility now fall mostly on the IT departments; many of the IT professionals struggle with the function as their specialities are in digital areas.

It thus makes sense for the IT departments to outsource the selection, installation, maintenance and design of the boardroom AV systems to companies specialising in audio-visual equipment. At the very least, the IT departments should seek expert technical advice from companies such as Elite Technologies before deciding on the products and installation thereof.

Sound is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in the boardroom environment. The reason is relatively simple: sound is mainly analog in nature and is not perceived by the human ear as machine zeros and ones. The sound is produced and detected as air pressure variations. Whether the sound technology is installed in a boardroom, lecture room or a theatre, it is still about the analog nature of sound.

Modern sound systems – though digital processing applications are in place, incorporate a combination of analog tools such as the speakers and microphones with the digital processing units where the recordings are processed.

Sound quality is the challenge. Music differs from speech. For great music sound quality the complete musical instrument frequency range must be reproduced. Sound from speech is all about clarity and precision. That means the focus should be on clearly understanding what has been said. Any sound intrusions can affect the ability to understand what the speaker says. To achieve great boardroom sound in regards to speech, you need to minimise sound interference. In addition, you have to make provision for music that can form part of presentations.

We recommend that you speak to our sales consultants about your boardroom audio-visual requirements. We will assess your exact needs and provide the products that will streamline and improve boardroom sound and visual presentations.