We Love Cinema screens :

We Love Cinema screens :

With flat panel HDTVs continuing to decrease in price, why would anyone buy a projection system for home/commercial use?

So, 60” flat panel televisions can be had for well under R20,000.00 these days; why would anyone buy a projector?

The first reason is simple: size matters! A 60 inch, 16:9 display represents about 3.5 square meter of picture size whereas even a relatively small projected image at 92 inch diagonal is about 28s.meter . or, if you prefer, better than twice as much picture!

So why is size important? In a home environment, these larger video displays are used primarily for entertainment. Whether we’re watching movies, sporting events, concerts or playing video games, we’re looking for something to take us out of the everyday and into another, for a lack of a better word, space. The more believable our sense of being immersed in this “space” is, the more engaging the whole experience becomes. The corollary to this with respect to image size is that the more the picture fills our field of vision the more we feel like we’re part of the action. One of the keys to achieving this sensation is to make sure that the image is wide enough so that we have to move our eyes to focus on the far edges of the picture. This changes how our brain processes visual information; you could say that it forces us to actively watch as opposed to simply seeing. Our eyes are particularly sensitive to motion on the peripheries of our vision and any activity in those areas really gets the old adrenaline going while we decide if fight or flight is the appropriate response to what we’ve just seen out of the corner of our eye! You would have to sit awfully close to 60” display to trigger this sense of immersion and it would only be available to one, maybe two viewers at a time.

In a commercial setting the benefits of image size are simpler to understand: it’s possible to catch and convey your content to way more eyeballs for the same investment if your image is 50 sq. ft. (130” diagonal) or larger as opposed to 10-11 sq. ft.

Contact Elite Technologies team of experts to review your Home system or Corporate environment, and lets have a look at the different projector options available. Weather mounting of Fixed frame or Motorized projector screens We have the perfect solution for any budget and offer expert design options. Perfect for that home cinema or Home theatre system you have being dreaming of.

The installation of the sound system is just as important as the image , we also have a wide Variety of sound system to compliment your cinema screen.