Video Conferencing Technologies

Video Conferencing Technologies

Be at more than one place at a time. 

Communicating in the digital age allows for a more diverse build up of networking and contacts. This is especially so when it comes to conferences, meetings and video dialogue. Here at Elite Technologies, we aim to set up our clients with the most efficient and concise devices and programmes that facilitate video conferencing.

Our Polycom brand is devoted to finding the perfect personal unit for you. With our strength in audio, video and content solutions, we make it easy for the corporate structure to hold and host video conferences from the comfort of their own offices. Employees are given the option to conduct meetings and open up communication with the use of these modules and effectively talk to people who cannot physically be with them.

We use the manufacturer called Starleaf that offers a complete range of video networks that sync up to any computer you wish.  This way you can plug into any conference or boardroom and use the software personally too. With these video conference technologies, you have the ability to virtually connect with people in different industries, from different time zones and with people who have different schedules than you.

No more are we confined to boardrooms with our physical presence. We now have the opportunity to be present at the touch of a button, allowing for open communication, great visuals and direct point of contact. Designed to fit in to the perfect meeting day, we aim to serve our clients with efficient service.