Video Conferencing Equipment

Video Conferencing Equipment

Video Conferencing Equipment Offers Substantial Cuts to Company Operating Costs

When meeting an important prospective client for the first time, few business people would deny the value of the personal touch as demonstrated by a handshake, a bow or a peck on both cheeks, depending upon the local custom. When the company and its client happen to occupy the same city, there should be no serious barrier to conducting face-to-face meetings on a regular basis at times that are acceptable to both parties. However, when distant from one another and possibly located on separate continents, physical meetings are not always feasible and, for a start, the associated travel expenses alone could add considerably to the cost of securing a sale.

Fortunately, with the aid of suitable video conferencing equipment, it is now possible for a business to eliminate the bulk of those costly get-togethers without compromising on the quality of communications in any way. Furthermore, when adopting this type of communication technology, one is not limited to conducting a meeting with a single individual or a group of individuals present at a single location. In practice, with due consideration for the different time zones, it is perfectly feasible for groups of people living on several different continents to engage simultaneously in a shared, online business meeting.

High-definition video and superior audio signals are conveyed via the internet and serve to recreate the atmosphere of a conventional live encounter. Whilst a sales executive may be unable to discern the subtle fragrance of lotus blossom in a client’s Hong Kong office, they will be free to transmit audio-visual clips from various sources, to review statistical charts and to exchange and download all manner of documents, as well as to record the entire proceedings for their records if required. In the light of facilities such as these, the use of suitably configured video conferencing equipment can often provide a degree of interaction that may not always be possible during a physical meeting.

It is not just the direct cost arising from travel, whether it is undertaken by air or by car, that is likely to take its toll, however. As well as the need to finance hotel accommodation whilst personnel are absent from their homes, travelling can keep a busy exec from their other, equally important responsibilities, perhaps for as much as several days. Even upon their return, jet lag can lead to the need for additional time off to rest while it could impair the performance of those who may fail to take a much-needed break. In practice, the extent of these indirect costs to a company are hard to quantify, but there is no doubt that they can play a significant role in curtailing its profits.

If you believe that there may be benefits to your company in acquiring some video conferencing equipment, be sure to select a product that has proven to be reliable and a supplier with the skills and necessary experience to install it correctly and continue to maintain it. A South African leader in all things audio-visual, Pretoria-based Elite Technologies is widely renowned for our state-of-the-art products and our ability to create tailored solutions to meet the particular, and often unique, needs of our clients.