Theatre and Home Cinema

Home Theaters, Home Cinemas, Hi Fi & Surround Sound

Home theaters have become one of the best ways to relax. Elite Technologies optimises the experience through acoustic treatment, frequency sweeps and reverb elimination, as well as cable management that is custom designed to be invisible.

Home theater seating is luxurious and comfortable, and home theater speakers sound clear and unobtrusive. Surround sound enhances the experience and space, adding realism and bringing special FX to life.

Projectors & Movie Screens

Home theatres become simple with custom designs from Elite Technologies. Brackets and boxes for projectors are designed and built by us for ease of installation. Drop-down screens are easily hung and fixed-frame screens can be designed to suit every room and size.

Ceiling & Outdoor Speakers

Every room in your home can be custom fitted for Hi-Fi sound, with each room separately controlled via the ELAN g! software. These speaker systems can even take advantage of your existing setups, thus enhancing and adding to your home.

We also have a great range of outdoor speakers. These range from patio speakers and entertainment area speakers, to garden ambient speakers and rock-art speaker installations.


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