Home Automation


Elite Technologies offers the best solutions in home automation control systems, making your house the most intelligent home. We are an authorised dealer for ELAN, offering the simplest automation controls on audio-visual distribution systems.


Take control of your home’s audio and video experience with the best automated ELAN g! system.

It provides wireless automation of your audio, video and lighting – instantly changing your experience in every room, be it movies, sports or news.

ELAN g! integrates with security, camera, climate and lighting software, giving you instant control from anywhere.

You can control all of your systems by phone, tablet, computer or touchpad, making your home system easy and simple to use.

Integrate your internet, HD, music, lighting and security into one easy rack, available through every room, screen and speaker. For more info on home automation and ELAN g!, contact us.


Let our experienced support team and trained staff, guide, advise and help you to take complete control over your home automation.