HD Distribution

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) has become the latest way to transport beautiful high definition picture resolution and incredible surround sound from HD PVR decoders and Blu-rays to HD TVs.

This system is limited as it only allows one connection per source device and high-quality HDMI cables are expensive. They also can’t be cut, so must be purchased to size and only run about 10 metres in length.

Most homes have more than one HD screen, so splitting the signal is necessary to show it on all screens at the same time. Most HDMI splitters only have one input, meaning that each HD source needs a separate splitter.

HDMI networking, or HDBaseT, via an HDMI Matrix Switcher with a Cat5/6 network cable, which is smaller, more flexible and easier to install up to 50m, and HDMI receivers to convert the signal back to HDMI for the screen, will solve all of these issues.

With these units we can have multiple HD inputs and outputs, and can send any of our signals to any HD screen in the home.

We customise each system to your requirements, so please contact us for more information.