Distributed Audio

Enjoy music, high definition TV and movies in every room from one centralised system. Access your MP3s, internet ratio, streaming music and iPods.

Stream music from your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet devices to the system using AirPlay or DLNA wireless technologies. You can choose from a library of movies and music with cover art and title information. Play different tunes in different rooms.

The system can be controlled from your iPad, iPhone, touchscreen or a simple menu on your TV screen.

In-ceiling speakers are a great way to keep each room connected and enable you to play your favourite tunes. They’re out of the way, freeing up your space, and are pleasantly covered, making them unobtrusive. Each room can have different tunes at the same time, allowing everyone in your family to listen to their favourite music, whenever they want.

Let our experienced support team and trained staff, guide, advise and help you to take complete control over your audio needs.