M&K Sound speakers inside THX Ltd’s facilities

M&K Sound speakers inside THX Ltd’s facilities

We were very chuffed to see a recent addition to THX Ltd’s facilities of a full M&K Sound S300 system as their reference speakers. The S300 is an evolution of the S150, built since 1995. The S300 exceeds the highest THX Ultra2 standards for accurate sound reproduction.

M&K Sound speakers are manufactured in Denmark and Elite Technologies are proud to be able to bring them to our customers. They bring 40 years of experience in quality speaker manufacture to their products and are used by the best.

The S300 introduces the concept of holographic sound, the listener being able to judge the size of the room and all of the nuances in the sound and music. The drivers are made by Danish Acoustic pioneers Scan-Speak, aimed at achieving linearity, power performance and reliability.

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