Microphone Conference Systems

Microphone Conference Systems

Integration of Onsite and Video Conferencing Through the Use of Top-Quality Microphone Systems

Microphone conference systems provide for the best possible speech quality and with audibility essential in any conference or boardroom setting, it is necessary to use a high quality system that provides for superior acoustic quality and seamless integration with the interior of the venue.

With time being a valuable resource it is important to use it wisely. Attendees to the meeting need to get the best usage of their time and if they struggle to hear or communicate they have wasted valuable time. With video conferencing now available, it is possible to include people from remote locations in the event, allowing them to participate in discussions and to clearly hear and see speakers.

Video conferencing helps to save companies money in terms of travelling costs, time-away from office and space usage. Integral to such is the deployment of relevant and high quality microphone conference systems. However, for in-house and onsite meetings, one of the microphone systems available on the market and well worth noting is the DIS Digital Discussion System.  The system includes a portable computer unit connected to the loudspeaker and a microphone.  The DCS 6000 range is digital and has two channel selection capacity, enabling the sharing of the device by two speakers at a time.

The DDS 5900 microphone conference system has one programmable central system with multi-user capacity, which makes it possible to have group discussions. It also includes voice activation and enables interpretation of two languages, which makes it well-suited for application in multi-language event usage. As many as eight open microphones can be used at once and it provides control for as many as 250 units with support for various microphone modes.

Integrating video conferencing with the onsite venue setting enhances the reach of the conference, provided the microphone systems used facilitate such. Another system well-worth noting for such integration capacity is the DIS SW 6000 which is a software system for effective conference management allowing for participants to clearly hear what the speaker says and at the same time being able to see speech schedules or vote on suggestions. The GM 652X series of microphones can be used with such a system. The gooseneck attachments help to make it easier for speakers to adjust the microphones to their face level.  Being able to eliminated radio frequency interferences the microphones provide for clear and high quality sound.

Elite Technologies is a trusted provider of such sophisticated microphone and video conference systems in South Africa. For more information regarding these systems, please feel free to contact us today.