Lighting Control Solutions

Lighting Control Solutions

A Lighting Control Solution Could Save Time, Effort, and Cash

Although most of the country tends to enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout the year, when night descends, as it does comparatively early for most of the year, many South Africans will then rely upon electricity to provide their homes and offices with artificial illumination. For overhead lights, this normally involves pressing a wall-mounted switch, while inline switches may activate any freestanding lamps. Some households may possess the means to adjust the brightness with a dimmer switch. Today, however, the advent of sophisticated lighting control solutions is serving to render such actions redundant in a growing number of the nation’s homes.

Rather than requiring the use of several separate switches positioned at differing point within a given room, they may be turned on or off and set to the desired intensity by means of a single, conveniently positioned touch pad, or with the aid of most mobile devices that are capable of supporting the appropriate app, and connecting wirelessly to the modified switches that form an essential component of a typical automated lighting control solution.

Regular hikes in the tariffs charged by municipalities for the supply of mains electricity have seen an increasing number of South Africans battling to settle monthly accounts in addition to all the other expenses necessary for the welfare of their families. Such pressures are hardly relieved by the tendency of children in general, and teenagers in particular, to leave lights burning around the home without a thought for the financial consequences of their oversight. The ability to check and to manage the status of the lights in every room of one’s home with the aid of a suitable automated lighting control solution could help to slash at least one of those mounting monthly bills, as well as to improve family harmony. No less important, perhaps, is that limiting the energy one might otherwise have wasted without such a system can only be good news for our ailing environment.

On a more prosaic note, this is a facility that can make a relaxed evening even more so. When deciding to spend time with a good book or watching a favourite TV channel, the freedom to illuminate the pages with an overhead spotlight, or to dim the room to improve the viewing experience, and to achieve these effects with just the tap of an icon. This is just one more way in which these smart lighting control solutions can make life simpler and help one de-stress.

Installations may be tailored to perform a variety of functions and these might, for instance, include activating additional security lights in a driveway or a garden area if one may suspect an attempted intrusion, or simply for the safety of a late-night visitor or a family member returning home. Flexibility is one of the key features of these lighting control solutions, and it is one that provides the means to stagger the cost of the transition from a conventional manually switched setup to a programmable, remote system. Specialist supplier, Elite Technologies is positioned to provide expert advice on how to get started affordably with a basic installation that can later be extended in stages, as and when one’s finances permit.