What Key Factors Make For a Great Loudspeaker?

What Key Factors Make For a Great Loudspeaker?

You may wonder just what exactly makes a loudspeaker great. The simple answer is: when listening to the speaker, you should almost feel transported and your belief suspended as you’re drowned out by pure sound perfection. But then again, nothing is ever entirely perfect. So let’s look at a few factors that you can pursue in your quest to find the best, if not perfect, loudspeaker available on the market.

Many people chase the concept of “suspension of disbelief.” This refers to the ability of the loudspeakers to in effect disappear, leaving the listener to forget that they are listening to an actual recording. Put plainly, it’s the sense that you’re taken out of your space and placed in the actual room where the music is being played. A great quality audio system and speaker system can achieve this.

So What Qualities Are Important to Achieve the Coveted “Suspension of Disbelief?”

This is highly debatable, of course, but many accept the imaging qualities of a system. Imaging can’t be measured but only heard and experienced. Achieving superior imaging has always been more of an art than a science. Imaging is where the sound system placed sonic events of a recording accurately around the room, without regarding the speakers’ physical location.

This helps to replicate the reality of the original sonic event and sound field. A superior loudspeaker disappears while the sound floats in the air with lifelike width, depth and height. This is referred to as a three-dimensional soundstage. Speakers that excel at this are able to deliver a sonic lifelike three-dimensionality.

These are only a few of the elements that go into making a great loudspeaker. Of course there are many other aspects of superior sonic performance, but achieving the coveted ‘suspension of disbelief’ is a great first step to finding a loudspeaker that transports you to another plane.