How Video Conferencing Makes the World Your Meeting Space

How Video Conferencing Makes the World Your Meeting Space

HD video conferencing makes it possible to reduce the cost to company when it comes to meetings, seminars, conferences and boardroom discussions. Attendees working or staying far from the event venue don’t have to travel, spend time away from office or pay for accommodation costs, and can immediately participate in the discussions.

Unlike with telephone conferencing, face-to-face communication among participants is possible, whether for a two-person or group discussion. Such meetings can be hosted between the company and clients, colleagues and business-to-business.

Just the time and cost savings in terms of meeting setup already make video conferencing a better choice for remote collaboration. Indeed, it is possible to have such video conferencing in one building to minimise the time that employees must be out of their office to attend boardroom type discussions.

The modern business environment entails satellite offices across the country, necessitating regular discussions among teams. However, sometimes not all the stakeholders can attend the meetings, which means that they cannot participate in important discussions, which can lead to misunderstandings or low productivity because of ignorance regarding new targets or procedures. In order to complete projects faster, new ways of collaboration are needed and this is where video conferencing has become exceptionally valuable.

It is even possible to host an HD video conference with a manufacturer in another country. This, of course, translates into a lot of cost savings. With such you can, for instance, have a meeting in which you show the prototype of an item to the manufacturer via video conference who can then make a similar or exact product because of the high quality of the visuals, enabling them to see exact detail.

With over 80% of firms now extending their telecommuter profiles, many of their employees have virtual offices and rely heavily on the quality of video conferencing. One of the best known brands in HD solutions to take note of is that of Polycom. Their HDXC series of solutions enhance team and remote collaboration with features, such as low bandwidth usage with the H.264 high profile capacity, HD video and content. The solution enables white board cooperation through the inclusion of visual board technology and their EagleEye Director enables a personalised experience for every participant.

The Polycom solution available through Elite Technologies makes usage of the system extremely easy with a touch control system to give more control to the users. The system includes special technology to make it possible for a person to use a tablet for initiating and managing their video calls. HD technology combined with video conferencing advances make it possible to collaborate in the way you want and across geographical boundaries.

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