How Distributed Audio Works

How Distributed Audio Works

Distributed audio is one of the many terms that you will encounter when looking for an audio or sound system – whether for your home, conference centre, club or bar. Knowing what it means will help you to better understand the benefits and basics of what you need. An alternative term for distributed audio is “whole house audio” which, in essence, defines it pretty well as an audio system that makes it possible to control the playback of music or audio throughout the entire home, office building, retail centre or club etc.

Three main categories can be distinguished:

  • Single source – single zone.
  • Single source – multiple zones.
  • Multiple source – multiple zones.

The single source – single zone system basically allows for the distribution of the sound from a single audio source throughout the entire building. It is the most basic of distributed audio systems. If well-designed, it only requires the high-quality audio source and an amplifier. With this type of system, it is essential to ensure that the impedance of the speakers is kept above the minimum impedance rating of the amplifier. The correct wiring and matching of impedance are essential to receive top-quality audio. The system is well suited for retail centres, offices and stores, churches and open event areas.

One audio source can be used and then distributed throughout the building with a single source – multiple zones system, but each room, area or zone has its own volume setting to fit the particular size and shape of the space. With this type of system, the volume controls play an important part to gain perfect impedance balance. It is similar to the first mentioned system in the sense that one audio source is used and the same audio is played throughout the area, but the volume can be controlled in each area individually or even switched off. It is basically one step up from the single source – single zone concept.

The most complex distributed audio is the multiple sources – multiple zones system. With this type of system, various audio sources can be controlled for the playback of different audio at various volume levels in the various zones. With this system, numerous amplifiers are installed and it entails matrix mixers, control panels and processors. It is best designed and installed by professionals, such as our teams at Elite Technologies. The selection and placement of speakers is important, in addition to routing and the types and lengths of cables used.

With our wide range of distributed audio systems, our expertise in the design and installation of such system layouts, and our guarantee of quality, we ensure that you get the best possible sound according to your audio requirements – whether for your home, office, event, office park, club or store.