Home Movie Theatre

Home Movie Theatre

Create an Authentic Movie Theatre Experience in Your Own Home

Sadly, there is sometimes a price to be paid for progress. The gradual emergence of digital audio-visual media that has replaced 35-mm films and mechanical projectors, also brought to an end one of the most iconic features of the nation’s outdoor lifestyle. In February 2014, the Menlyn Park Drive-In, the last of its kind in South Africa, delivered its final performance.

On the plus side, however, the digital era has given rise to an entertainment experience of unprecedented realism for those who are happy to watch the latest blockbusters in one of the new breed of multi-screen cinema complexes. In turn, the development of the home movie theatre system now offers viewers the means to enjoy that same experience from the comfort of their favourite armchair.

The similarity between these options is to be found less in the equipment employed than in the quality of the performance. Whereas both employ digital projectors, commercial entertainment is sourced either from a large, portable hard drive or a Digital Cinema Package – a collection of digital files that requires activation with a licence to prevent piracy. On the domestic scene, the projected material may employ a variety of sources, such as DVDs and Blu-ray discs, set-top boxes, and PCs, and may even be streamed from a smartphone. It is perhaps this versatility that has seen more people opting for a home movie theatre and purchasing a cinema ticket only on those occasions when they simply cannot wait until the newest James Bond or X-Men saga is released on DVD.

Many of those who have invested in outsized, flat-screen TVs are likely to find that the exceptional colour and clarity they deliver are not matched by the quality of sound produced by their tiny, back-facing speakers, especially in the mid-range. The good news is that the immersive, life-like audio experience that is so characteristic of a modern commercial cinema is available in your lounge with the right choice of home movie theatre.

This type of installation is not just about ensuring the best possible picture and sound quality, however. When converting a room in your house to an audio-visual entertainment centre, there are other considerations, such as comfortable seating, cable management, and ensuring that the overall installation is as unobtrusive as possible. Rather than the clutter of freestanding, speakers, they may be mounted on walls or the ceiling to create a true surround-sound sensation. A ceiling mount can also provide the ideal solution for the projector. Screens may have fixed frames or be designed to drop down and remain concealed when not in use, while cables needed to power or connect your home movie theatre can be concealed for safety and discretion.

As with all electronics, you get what you pay for, and some brands offer more for your money than others. To ensure you get the most bang for your buck, it makes sense to deal with an acknowledged expert. In Gauteng, Pretoria-based Elite Technologies partners with the world’s leaders in audio-visual technology. In addition, our technical team has all of the experience, skills and accreditation to ensure clients of tailored, innovative solutions to meet their unique needs, whether for a video conferencing system, automated lighting, or a high-performance home movie theatre installation.