Home Automation

Home Automation

ELAN Revolutionises Home Automation for Optimal Comfort

Home automation is here to stay. Technology has advanced enough to make it affordable – and why still live in the Stone Age if you can experience comfort and convenience at home? The futuristic movies of a few years ago are now reality and with easier control over entertainment systems, sound and light, you can also live in an intelligent home.

ELAN is one of the technologies now so affordable and widely available that homeowners have no excuse to still struggle with bulky remote controls and having to manually adjust climate, lighting, and security cameras.

With the ELAN technology, wireless automation and control over lights, sound, television programmes, video, and climate also eliminate the need for bulky cables. As such, the inevitable benefit of the aesthetic appeal should also be considered. In the past, people looked first at practical applications and then aesthetic appeal. Being almost two decades into the 21st Century, functionality, aesthetic appeal and practical applications have become equally important. Nobody wants visual pollution caused by cabling and this is why ELAN has taken home automation to the next level.

What is especially noteworthy is that the control can be from a mobile phone, tablet, touchpad or computer. With these the homeowner can be outside and control what is going on inside. Lights can be switched on and off without having to be in a specific room. The climate can automatically be controlled to ensure a welcoming ambience before a person enters the room. Lights can be dimmed and music arranged for every room.

Full integration of the HD, security, Internet, music, climate control, and lights into a single rack is now possible because of specialised software. Think about it: being able to watch superb quality HD movies in the television room then walking to the guestroom and being able to select another movie or simply enjoy relaxing music all because of a centralised system! You have to agree – technology has made life better.

Music can be streamed from any smart phone or tablet into the centralised system using DLNA wireless or airplay technologies. A complete library of media with music cover art and title information is available and home occupants are not forced to listen to only one song at a time. Every room can have its own music playlist.

With a simplified and easy-to-use menu on the television screen, it is possible to even control the climate, audio, video and security using the television.

Elite Technologies is an authorised dealer of the impressive ELAN technology that has taken the home automation market by storm.