Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems

A Working Home Automation System

Working in the corporate world, we are exposed to boardrooms that are filled to the brim with endless technological advances to grant ease of access and ensure that the systems work perfectly in meetings and conferences. Even though these technologies and toys are used to enhance the business environment, the same technology can be applied and installed in your very own house for unlimited accessibility and easy management.

We specialise in this type of technology, and can deliver home automation systems that will enhance and enrich your home life, even when you are not home. We all have that responsibility towards our homes and the people who live in them, and our systems aim to elevate your home lifestyle. We are an authorised ELAN dealer, and can install the ELAN g! home automation system in your house for the ultimate comfort and control.


Home automation systems focus on giving you control over almost anything in your house, and the entertainment factor is probably one of the most important. With the ELAN g! system, you can dim the lights, put on some music, and control the climate to get your living room perfect even before arriving home from work. This means that you can get home and just relax in style – without doing anything else than using the app on your mobile device to prepare ideal conditions in your living room. Should you stumble upon the perfect settings, save them as a pre-set configuration and be greeted by the same set of settings every day when you arrive home.

If you are concerned about the integrity of your home security, or just a concerned parent, the ELAN g! system can grant you access to your home security system and monitoring cameras as well. This leaves you in full control of door and gate access, with visuals, as well as ensure that your house, and everyone at home, are safe and sound. Home automation systems are not just convenient, but also grants you peace of mind wherever you are with their added security functions.

Lighting and temperature variables contribute to creating a comfortable environment in your home, but can be a nightmare to correctly set up. With ELAN g!, you have complete controls over the drapery, temperature, and lighting in your home, which means that you can adjust everything from the comfort of your couch until you find the perfect combination of settings to create your ideal environment. Once you have found perfection, you can save the configuration and experience it every day!

Communication is essential, and can be incorporated into your home automation systems as well. Should someone ring the door bell, you can answer the call without getting up and walking to the front door to see who it is. Not only will you save yourself trouble, but you will also reduce the security risk involved with answering the front door when a stranger calls.

For more information on how you could improve your home lifestyle with the ELAN g! system, browse the rest of the website or contact us directly. We aim to deliver top-class home automation systems that will put a smile on your face.