High Definition vs. Standard Definition

High Definition vs. Standard Definition

What exactly is the difference?

We’re certain that by now you must have heard of high definition, and are most probably considering purchasing your very own high definition home theatre system. If you are still undecided and want to motivate your need to buy one of these, here is why you should go ahead.

In a nutshell, the difference between high and standard definition is the number of pixels that are in the image that is being displayed.

Besides having frame sizes that are different, high definition and standard definition videos have similarities in characteristics. The common characteristic between the two is that they are both interlaced, even though the field order is dependent on the device that is being used to capture the video. Both of them have an aspect ratio of 4:3 and they both use non-square pixels to show the picture.

Another question that many people often ask themselves is whether buying high definition ready home theatre systems is worth it because it is so expensive, and to the unknowing eye a picture is a picture, you watch the same movie after all. That is not true, as mentioned before there are differences between the two, and that can be the difference between a premium and standard experience. You will notice that when you are watching high definition tv on a system that is also properly configured for HD, the picture is clearer and you see more detail and better colour.

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