Epson EH-LS10000 4K Video Laser Projector

Epson EH-LS10000 4K Video Laser Projector

epsonprocinemaThis new top-of-the-line laser projector from Epsom has no bulb, working on a laser engine to provide the best color and 100% contrast. This means it’s lifespan is conservatively estimated to be 30 000 hours # years full-time use). It has one of the best picture quality’s available with deep black levels, extreme colour accuracy and many video processing options. It has a faster startup than other projectors, it’s laden with features and setup is easy and comprehensive. Operation is very quiet and its design is stylish and sleek.

Not having to replace the bulb is the best bit about laser projectors. Normally, bulbs have to be replaced every 3000 hours and cost almost as much as the projectors themselves. The laser engine has exceptionally good contrast, the most important issue when choosing a projector. 2 blue lasers are used, one to create blue, the other hits a yellow phosphor. The yellow beam is then split to red and green, giving the full RGB signal for video composite signal. The lasers can startup faster, create less heat making them quieter, and respond faster.

It runs in native 1920 by 1080p resolution and has a color and white brightness of 1500 Lumens. It also has active 3D technology and comes with 2 pairs of high quality active 3D glasses included. It’s THX certified and complies with the Full-HD 3D specification. It can also be paired with the Samsung active glasses and has a RF transmitter built in.

The LS10000 has 10 memory settings to store your picture setups. The user can choose from 12 iris levels, as well as three brightness modes to choose overall light output. There’s plenty of connectivity available too, with 2 HDMI inputs, a PC VGA input, video, LAN and RGB component video.

There’s a 4K enhancement mode, which can upscale your video for better resolution. Overall, the LS10000 is a leader in its class, with great features, exceptional picture and frikkin’ lasers, dude!!!

Elite Technologies is proud to bring you this machine at a special price of R 149 000.

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