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Elite Technologies

We install commercial audio systems that businesses can use to transform their environments by adding dynamism and energy. Whether you own a bar, restaurant, retail store, salon or dentist office, music can improve the atmosphere of your space, making it more inviting for customers. If you are undecided about installing your own, here are five reasons to do so:

#1. You can control the ambiance of your business

If you want your business environment to be calm and relaxing for your clientele, you can achieve this by playing spa music. If you want to start a buying frenzy, pump up the club music or Top 40 hits. Restaurants or bars wanting to evoke nostalgia can do so with rock-and-roll hits. With a commercial audio system, business owners can play the music that will help customers feel more at home, and they are more likely to come back.

#2. Music allows you to have theme days or nights

Easily cater to different demographics on certain days or times by changing the music and lighting. The bar menu may have stayed the same, but an owner can attract the after-work crowd with classic hits or attract college students late at night with Top 40 hits. Making these types of subtle changes allows you to have fun with various themes.

#3. You can create a stunning visual display

Commercial audio systems can be part of an overall audio-visual installation that also offers stunning visual displays. With a wall of flat-screen televisions, a business owner can display their latest product videos and designs. Televisions can be installed throughout the business so that customers can watch the news, catch the game or keep up with entertainment news. Everything can be integrated seamlessly for the ultimate visual, sound and entertainment experience.

#4. They are easy to control

The days when sound systems were overly complicated are long gone. When installing commercial audio systems, we always look for ways to make them easy to control and operate. We can link the sound system to a smart device app, a wall touchscreen or a single remote control. Without a multitude of remotes to worry about or buttons to push, even a novice can operate it with ease.

#5. The installation will go smoothly

An important aspect of installing commercial audio systems is making sure that the wires are hidden and the installation goes off without a hitch, or causing any damage to the walls or ceiling.  This requires the skills of a professional, because a DIY job is rarely a success. Our expertise in wiring ensures that everything is hidden and out of sight, yet functioning perfectly.

To transform the atmosphere of your business, call us and schedule an appointment. We will visit you, discuss your options and give you a sound system that will blow your mind.