Delegate Microphones

Delegate Microphones

Why You Need a Delegate Conference Microphone System for your Next Meeting

Delegate microphones are essential for conferences, seminars, workshops, conventions and training sessions. If there is one thing you cannot do without in your meeting venue then it is a high quality delegate microphone system for the following reasons:

Providing Participation Opportunities

Have you ever attended a meeting where only one or two delegates spoke and everyone else just sat there without any means to communicate effectively? Yes, rather boring. Overcome the issue by giving more people access to microphones and thus the ability to communicate clearly without having to shout in order to be heard.

More Recording Opportunities

With a well-designed microphone system, you are able to record the proceedings. The recordings can be distributed to the delegates who attended and to other target groups for after-the-fact participation. The information shared therefore becomes more accessible and you have record of what has been said.

Reduce the Meeting Timeframe

Every time a microphone has to be passed to a delegate, time is wasted. With every speaker having immediate access to a personal microphone, the meeting is not interrupted for exchanging of microphones. With fewer flow interruptions, time can be saved and the delegates can get to the essential topics and discussions without wasteful waiting periods. With lights on the personal microphones, everyone can see who is currently speaking.

Interpretation Capacity

Where delegates from different language groups have to convene there is always a need for language interpretation. The modern delegate microphone systems enable interpretation at the same time as when a delegate speaks. Because the interpretation is for specific language groups directly there is no interruption of proceedings to do interpretation. The floor feed is directed to the language interpreter who has clear audio for easier translation. Improved communication minimises the risk of misunderstandings.

Improved Meeting Control

With the conference microphone system having features such as mute, vote control and volume adjustment, the chairperson can control the proceedings effectively and rather discreetly. The microphones of disruptive delegates can be muted to allow the allocated speakers to proceed uninterrupted.

Visual Attractiveness

Gone are the days of having to work with a spaghetti of cables, bulky audio visual equipment and noise interference. With the modern designs, the equipment is smaller, aesthetically appealing and neat and the meeting can be conducted professionally. This also plays a role in how delegates perceive proceedings.

Shows Commitment

With every delegate having a microphone, the meeting organisers show commitment to open communication and encouragement of participation.