White Noise and Sound Masking

Improve your office environment with sound masking

With a combination of multi-skilled, accredited staff, up-to-the-minute industry intelligence and years of international experience, we provide the best products and solutions. Combine this dedication with our customer service and you get our exclusive recipe. Sound management is an often overlooked aspect of office planning, but intelligent acoustic planning creates a more peaceful and productive office. White noise and sound masking systems give you control over your office’s acoustics.

Sound masking is part of a comprehensive solution that can do far more than noise cancellation or sound dampening materials can accomplish alone. A smart installation effectively quadruples the acoustic buffer between workers. The same system can be used to provide background music or funnel paging, creating a flexible, dynamic sound system perfect for any work environment.

Most offices suffer from an excess of background noise. This is due to the general quiet of an office, which increases the distraction caused by even quiet conversational noise. This background noise, often known as ‘pink noise’, hurts productivity. Sound management offsets this by a discrete installation of speakers that produce a carefully engineered white noise which counteracts noise problems. An added benefit to this system is the creation of privacy. This noise dampening systems create effective ‘sound bubbles’, ensuring privacy.

Noise cancellation technology improves over traditional passive noise which simply dampens the overall volume of background noise. It works better in an office environment than noise cancellation technology, which is not particularly effective in eliminating noise from the varied sources and various listening positions within an office.

Acoustic planning has even further benefit in green construction and office design. Many of the materials in green construction do not absorb sound as well as more traditional materials, creating even more uncontrolled noise. Further contributing to office noise are the commonly used open workspaces with fewer and shorter sound barriers built between work stations. Sound masking can create invisible barriers to background noise, allowing all the benefits of an open design without suffering from reduced acoustic control.

What is White Noise?

White noise includes indistinguishable sounds from the entire audible sound spectrum. White noise includes indistinguishable sounds from the entire audible sound spectrum. Today’s technology, however, focuses the sound on the frequency range of human speech. The first question most people as is how adding more noise will help them concentrate better. Picture for a moment that you are in a dark room and someone across the room is randomly blinking a flashlight at you. The flashlight is very distracting and even irritating. But what happens if someone turns on the overhead lights? You hardly notice the flashlight because it is covered by the bright overhead lights. Sound machines work on a similar principle.

By adding general white noise, similar to that of a fan or an AC unit, distracting sounds around you, like conversations, street noise or neighbours, are hardly noticeable. Does white noise really work? Yes. The principles behind it may seem implausible, the application has helped many people improve concentration and productivity. Government agencies were the first to apply this technology because of its effectiveness. Other industries have also greatly benefited from the privacy and productivity white noise can provide. The result is that private conversations are not overheard, and office noise is no longer a huge distraction for workers.

The Benefits of White Noise/ Sound Masking:

White noise masks conversations and other noise in the workplace, leaving your free to focus on your work at hand.
Improved privacy and confidentiality
Less interrupted sleep: using a sound masking system while sleeping covers up sounds from neighbours or the street allowing you to sleep longer.
Sound therapy for tinnitus: lessen the discomfort of ringing in your ears.