AV Systems

Elite Technologies designs comprehensive AV systems to process your audio-visual requirements. From auditoriums to outdoor events, we can create a unique solution to suit your environment.

Auditorium TechnologyAuditorium Technology

A good-quality audio and visual system is essential in any auditorium, conference hall or theatre. Elite Technologies can design a seamless auditorium solution for any sized space. State-of-the-art technology will ensure that your audience takes away the best from your presentations.

Elite Technologies is an authorised JBL distributor.

Projector and Movie ScreensProjector and Movie Screens

Elite Technologies offers customised projector and movie screen solutions. Outdoor events require projectors that display high-power video with the most vivid images and realistic clarity. Our expert team will assess your needs and design the ideal solution for your application. Our projectors and screens are of the best quality and will enhance your event, presentation or conference.

Microphone SystemsMicrophone Systems

Events, conferences and presentations require excellent speech intelligibility and clear sound from their microphone systems. Elite Technologies provides state-of-the-art, reliable, easy-to-use microphone systems with high acoustic quality and timeless designs that integrate easily with any event or setting. We offer a wide selection of microphones, ranging from stage to roaming microphones.

Digital Signage and Video Walls

With our crystal clear, high-quality digital signage and video walls, you will be able to offer clients prime advertising within your retail space. Elite Technologies is able to design the perfect solution for your business’s needs in any public area or retail space. Our large installation digital signage systems are the ideal way to directly market and advertise any business.

TV and HDMI Distribution

Digital Signage and Video Walls

TV and HDMI Distribution

Elite Technologies offers an array of TV and HDMI distribution solutions and services, including dual-connect systems that allow you to display perfect HD quality on multiple screens. You can easily enhance your corporate environment by installing television screens. These screens can be used for an array of purposes, such as streaming live TV, sending messages to staff or they can even be used in a control room setting.

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