Audio Systems

From Public Address (PA) to background music systems, white noise cancellation to emergency announcement systems, Elite Technologies has the best solutions for your office needs.

Bose Professional – AccreditationBose Professional – Accreditation

Elite Technologies is an accredited Bose Professional supplier and installer. Our technicians are trained to install Bose’s world-leading products and systems.

AudioSystems_1Public Address

A Public Address (PA) audio system installed in an office building, retail space or industrial facility is used for anything from routine, daily announcements, to urgent emergency notifications and background music. Our Public Address system offers you the utmost clarity and usability. Each project’s unique requirements are assessed and a specialised solution is developed.

White NoiseWhite Noise

Our White Noise speaker system is especially effective in modern workspaces, such as call centres and open-plan offices. The basic concept of white noise is to create an artificial level of background noise to mask out daily, distracting office-related sounds. Employees are able to concentrate and focus, resulting in a productive and peaceful working environment.

Fire and EvacuationFire and Evacuation

Every business needs to have a Fire and Evacuation system implemented. During an emergency situation, clear and concise direction is required. We incorporate the Fire and Evacuation system into the Public Address system installed.

Background musicBackground Music

Creating the right musical ambiance is of key importance in creating relaxed, content customers. Our Background Music audio systems are ideal for restaurants and retail spaces. The system is configured to suit the specific space and assist businesses in creating the perfect atmosphere.


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