Corporate Projectors

Corporate Projectors

Inject More Life into Corporate Presentations with a Multimedia Projector

Thankfully, the days of attending a business meeting in the boss’s office, or perhaps a company boardroom, and being forced to listen while, armed with chalk and a blackboard, someone droned on in a monotone about last month’s figures and the prospects for next, are largely a thing of the past. Though some may have not yet shed their reliance upon transparencies and the museum pieces known as overhead projectors, the more progressive corporate executives have been eagerly embracing the incredible power of today’s advanced audio-visual technology. That a picture can paint a thousand words is an adage that few audiences would deny, and the better the quality of that image, the clearer will be its message. Furthermore, when accompanied by sound of similar quality, it will be very effectively reinforced.

Whether the occasion is a conference, a sales meeting, or a product launch, there will be a need to dispense information as effectively as possible, and though a series of static PowerPoint slides may once have been considered sufficient for this purpose, the advent of more versatile projectors has served to expand the scope of the corporate presentation almost immeasurably. What could provide a better location than a boardroom or auditorium equipped with the facilities of a modern movie theatre, in which to ensure maintaining the interest of a company’s sales team or its potential clients?

Such equipment need not be intrusive. Even, in the case of relatively small offices, if they are to be used to conduct corporate presentations, these modern projectors are designed to be mounted either on the ceiling or on a wall to conserve space. Furthermore, in a larger room, the same will hold true when locating the speakers that are intended to form part of a PA system.

Typically, most of these units will have been designed to accept signals from a variety of sources, either wirelessly or by means of a suitable cable. This means one can choose to stream audio-visual data directly to the units from selected digital devices such as a personal computer, tablet, or a smartphone. Alternatively, a user will, for example, have the option to make use of an HDMI socket to project the output of a television receiver. Used in this way, projectors can allow a corporate audience to enjoy a much-enlarged image on a wall-mounted screen. It is worth noting, by the way, that irrespective of how much one may spend on the projection device, the resulting images will only be as good as the screen on which they appear permits. Consequently, the latter will need to be selected with care.

The expression “to each their own” is certainly valid when it comes to the expertise involved in the selection of appropriate audio-visual equipment. Widely accepted as a one of South Africa’s leading authorities in this field, and a respected supplier of quality AV products, few are better qualified to provide sound advice regarding the purchase of projectors and related equipment for corporate, commercial, or domestic use than the staff of the Pretoria-based company, Elite Technologies. Accredited by both CEDIA and SACIA, our team members are specialists in the design, installation, and maintenance of AV systems tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.