Corporate AV Systems

Corporate AV Systems

Should You Purchase a Flat Panel or a Projector for Your Meeting Venue?

Are you in the market for corporate AV systems? Then read on regarding the choice between a projector or a flat panel visual display for your meeting venue. Although the display only forms one part of the perfect corporate AV system, it is an important component and it is thus worth it to call in the experts to help you decide on the visual display system to use.

How Readable is the Text?

You can add all the text you want to your presentation, but if the audience finds it difficult to read, you will simply have wasted time. Whether you need to choose an audio-visual system for a lecture hall, campus class, conference venue or meeting room, keep in mind that reading text from a flat panel is often difficult. Before you buy a panel, you need to consider the correct size for the particular venue. For this purpose, sit at the back of the venue or the last row of seats to calculate what size of text will be readable for the person sitting in the back of the room. A flat panel is often better suited for rather small meeting venues when a lot of text presentations are made. If the venue is larger, consider a projector that can offer a larger image.

What are Your Resolution Requirements?

Note that you need a flat panel that can support numerous resolutions as needed in the conference or office setting. Also check for a flat panel that has a user-friendly navigation console, which will make it easier for non-technical employees to configure the resolution to sync with their notebook or tablet. As an alternative, choose a commercial projector that can handle numerous inputs and programs, which will then enable a faster and hassle-free setup.

Do You Require Flexibility in Setup or Doesn’t it Matter?

Although the flat panel certainly beats any other type of screen when it comes to visual appeal in a boardroom, it has a set size and the surface cannot be adapted to the display needs as much as a screen and projector setup. In addition, the flat screen isn’t all that easy to move from one space to another once it is wall-mounted. If you require mobility and extra display flexibility, then the projector and screen solution is better. However, if the panel will stay in the same room with the display settings already determined, then this is a better option.

Although flat panels certainly have taken the corporate AV system world by storm, one should always consider your display needs, mobility, size of the venue, readability and user-friendliness when selecting a flat panel. In many instances, the projector and screen system will work better. We recommend speaking to our consultants who will be able to help you determine which corporate audio-visual system will work best for you.