Commercial & Corporate Systems

Commercial & Corporate Systems

Leveraging Audio-Visual Technology to Drive Commercial and Corporate Systems

While, as recently as the ‘50s, many of the commercial and corporate systems in use had evolved little from those employed a century earlier, following the advent of the personal computer and the microchip, most business-related tasks have since undergone a dramatic transformation. Generally, information is no longer stored as hard copies in filing cabinets but as zeroes and ones on digital media. Most wage clerks have been freed from their former dependence upon electronic calculators by software programmes that can complete an entire wage run, print pay slips and cheques, or initiate electronic fund transfers, in a matter of minutes.

Effective communication, of course, has long been considered an absolute necessity for the success of any business and as a company expands, it is a need that only becomes more acute. Today, South Africa is once more free to compete in the global marketplace so, not only is efficient internal and local communication essential but, in many cases, it has become just as important to interact with clients or suppliers on the other side of the world. While email and mobile phones are of undeniable importance to commercial and corporate communication systems, neither can really match the impact and flexibility of audio-visual communications.

Often a manager will rely on email to pass some general announcement on to staff, only to find that many intended recipients have failed to read their copy. While a phone call to everyone is impractical, a brief announcement over a public address system could ensure those emails are opened. In addition, it could be used to generate white noise to cancel distractions in open-plan offices and, of course, to make emergency announcements.

When it may be important to communicate with a client in Hong Kong or the manager in a European branch of the company, an overseas trip is costly, time-consuming and, thanks to advanced video-conferencing technology, in most cases, no longer necessary. More importantly, it extends commercial and corporate communication systems by allowing individuals in multiple locations, such as all branch managers, to participate in a virtual meeting.

Presentations to staff and clients have become a regular feature of modern businesses and, in this area too, it is important to ensure that their messages are received and understood. Once again, advances in audio-visual technology have served both to simplify the task and to enhance its effectiveness.

Specialising in all things audio-visual, Elite Technologies is assisting South Africa businesses to upgrade their communications to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Evaluating the client’s needs and designing solutions to satisfy them, we offer purpose-built commercial and corporate systems that work.