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What Home Automation Is All About

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to control and monitor various day-to-day appliances and devices in your home, then home automation is what you are looking for. There are many home automation suppliers in South Africa today, but whom do you choose? That important question deserves its own blog post, but let’s just say that you […]

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We Love Cinema screens :

With flat panel HDTVs continuing to decrease in price, why would anyone buy a projection system for home/commercial use?

So, 60” flat panel televisions can be had for well under R20,000.00 these days; why would anyone buy a projector?

The first reason is simple: size matters! A 60 inch, 16:9 display represents about 3.5 square meter of picture size whereas even a […]

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No compromise with Bose sound systems

There are many areas in life where we simply will not sacrifice quality, it can be the difference between losing a client, and making the sale of your career. For many people there is only one name in sound equipment; Bose.

As one of the leading sound companies in the world, Bose caters for everything, from personal headphones to PA […]

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What Key Factors Make For a Great Loudspeaker?

You may wonder just what exactly makes a loudspeaker great. The simple answer is: when listening to the speaker, you should almost feel transported and your belief suspended as you’re drowned out by pure sound perfection. But then again, nothing is ever entirely perfect. So let’s look at a few factors that you can pursue in your quest to find […]

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ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System

The World’s Finest Entertainment Experience and Total Home Control: Now in One Seamless, Easy-to-Use System

An ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System offers an almost infinite variety of music, from your media or from the Cloud, in true audiophile sound. And, a world of dazzling visual entertainment, from movies, sports, news and more, in any and every room you desire. And […]

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The History Of Flat-Screen Television

In today’s society we have become accustomed to high-definition flat-screens that offer the ultimate viewing experience. The technology has come so far that we can see the sweat drops on our favourite sport star while watching him ply his trade – this has not always been the case.

The social use of flat-screens is quite a recent thing, but in truth, […]

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