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Why Get Expert Advice on the Selection and Installation of a Boardroom AV System?

When it comes to the creation of an effective meeting space, you cannot ignore the importance of the right choice and the correct installation of a boardroom AV system.  The boardroom is where you will meet with important clients, the place where key strategic decisions will be made and it is the meeting window of the company.

Audio-visual presentations must be […]

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Why Leasing AV Equipment Makes Sense

Leasing AV equipment rather than buying holds several benefits for businesses, event organisers, and individuals.

With leasing you don’t have to be concerned about the equipment not being the latest technology. When buying, you will want to recoup on the initial AV equipment investment before selling the equipment in order to upgrade to newer systems.
Unfortunately with advances in technology also comes […]

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Tips for Installation of Home Theatre Systems

Though the film industry most probably has many complaints regarding the increase of popularity in home theatre systems, homeowners certainly have no reason to complain about the quality of imaging, sound and comfort associated with such systems.

Since their initial introduction to the market, these home theatre systems have become more affordable and rather than being limited to the television, the […]

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Miller & Kreisel S300 Series

If you’re looking for professional sound, the Miller & Kreisel S300 Series won’t disappoint! Industry professionals are describing this system as the next dimension for the future of home cinema and music systems and we couldn’t agree more. We’ve read it in rave reviews and heard it on the lips of those who have the pleasure of including the M&K […]

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How Video Conferencing Makes the World Your Meeting Space

HD video conferencing makes it possible to reduce the cost to company when it comes to meetings, seminars, conferences and boardroom discussions. Attendees working or staying far from the event venue don’t have to travel, spend time away from office or pay for accommodation costs, and can immediately participate in the discussions.

Unlike with telephone conferencing, face-to-face communication among participants is […]

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Microphone Conference Systems

Integration of Onsite and Video Conferencing Through the Use of Top-Quality Microphone Systems

Microphone conference systems provide for the best possible speech quality and with audibility essential in any conference or boardroom setting, it is necessary to use a high quality system that provides for superior acoustic quality and seamless integration with the interior of the venue.

With time being a valuable […]

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What Is Home Automation and How Does It Benefit You?

Domotics is the process of enhancing the comfort, functionality and sustainability of home living through automation. This entails the implementation of electronic control features, whether for the home entertainment system, appliances, windows, air-conditioning, lights, or for doors and gates. As such, home automation entails a range of electronic control technologies to, for instance, switch on the television, open the garage, […]

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Golden Ear Technology Triton III speakers

Triton III Towers are high performance loudspeakers with built in subwoofers. They can be used in multi-channel home theatre systems or high quality stereo systems. They deliver a boxless 3-dimensional image, highly rated by reviewers. The built-in subwoofer offers a tremendous bass extension, blending perfectly with the midrange and highs. The subwoofers have a built in 800W Forcefield digital amplifier […]

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Epson EH-LS10000 4K Video Laser Projector

This new top-of-the-line laser projector from Epsom has no bulb, working on a laser engine to provide the best color and 100% contrast. This means it’s lifespan is conservatively estimated to be 30 000 hours # years full-time use). It has one of the best picture quality’s available with deep black levels, extreme colour accuracy and many video processing options. […]

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M&K Sound speakers inside THX Ltd’s facilities

We were very chuffed to see a recent addition to THX Ltd’s facilities of a full M&K Sound S300 system as their reference speakers. The S300 is an evolution of the S150, built since 1995. The S300 exceeds the highest THX Ultra2 standards for accurate sound reproduction.

M&K Sound speakers are manufactured in Denmark and Elite Technologies are proud to be […]

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