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What’s the difference between a home theatre and home cinema – and which one is right for you?

What is a home theatre or media room?

Your home theatre, also called a media room, is designed to bring an exceptional viewing experience to your home. Plan to enjoy blockbuster movies like never before. And there’s so much more!

There’s nothing like watching the Super Bowl, Olympics, or any other major event with your buddies in unbelievable high definition – in […]

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Elite Technologies

We install commercial audio systems that businesses can use to transform their environments by adding dynamism and energy. Whether you own a bar, restaurant, retail store, salon or dentist office, music can improve the atmosphere of your space, making it more inviting for customers. If you are undecided about installing your own, here are five reasons to do so:

#1. You […]

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The Techno-Savvy Home

The home of the future has arrived, and what a joy it is. However, it’s probably best to use the services of a specialist, like Elite Technologies, when it comes to installation and backup.

Just after television was launched in South Africa, the video machine made its appearance. For many people who did not know much about audio-visual equipment, figuring out […]

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Distributed Audio

How Distributed Audio Works

Distributed audio is one of the many terms that you will encounter when looking for an audio or sound system – whether for your home, conference centre, club or bar. Knowing what it means will help you to better understand the benefits and basics of what you need. An alternative term for distributed audio is “whole house […]

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Corporate Projectors and Screens

Boost Business and Team Morale with Top-quality Corporate Projectors and Screens

If you are looking to get ahead and enjoy the benefits of a technologically advanced workspace – and most business owners do – having the best quality corporate projectors and screens is certainly a step in the right direction. Projectors and screens are great tools for enhancing your office […]

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Home Automation

Change your Quality of Life with Home Automation

Do you want to improve your quality of life and feel even more at ease at home than you already do? Have you considered home automation to bring your home in perfect harmony? We think you should! Home automation can be as simple as installing a light control system or it can as […]

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Corporate AV Systems

Should You Purchase a Flat Panel or a Projector for Your Meeting Venue?

Are you in the market for corporate AV systems? Then read on regarding the choice between a projector or a flat panel visual display for your meeting venue. Although the display only forms one part of the perfect corporate AV system, it is an important component and it […]

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Home Automation

ELAN Revolutionises Home Automation for Optimal Comfort

Home automation is here to stay. Technology has advanced enough to make it affordable – and why still live in the Stone Age if you can experience comfort and convenience at home? The futuristic movies of a few years ago are now reality and with easier control over entertainment systems, sound and light, you […]

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Delegate Microphones

Why You Need a Delegate Conference Microphone System for your Next Meeting

Delegate microphones are essential for conferences, seminars, workshops, conventions and training sessions. If there is one thing you cannot do without in your meeting venue then it is a high quality delegate microphone system for the following reasons:


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What is White Noise?

White noise doesn’t have a colour. Indeed it is not something visible. We can describe it as a type of noise resulting from the combination of sounds that come from all the different sound frequencies that you can get. Putting in easier to understand terms: it is the noise that comes from combining every tone that the average human ear […]

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