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Video Conferencing Solutions

South Africa is Becoming More Reliant on Video Conferencing Solutions

With its re-admission into the global market, South Africa experienced an unprecedented need to become more competitive. It is frequently claimed that “it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good” and, while the weak rand has made overseas trips and imported goods more expensive, the proverb holds true in that […]

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Theatre and Home Cinemas

Designing Theatre and Home Cinemas for the 21st Century

When one stops to consider just how completely the digital camera has replaced its optical precursor or how the once ubiquitous Walkman, with its compact music tapes has gradually been replaced by the iPod and the smartphone, it is perhaps surprising that the cinema and, to a lesser extent, also the live […]

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A Quick Q&A Session on Dolby Atmos

Q: What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a revolutionary new audio technology that transports you into extraordinary entertainment experiences. It…

fills your room with captivating sound; sound comes from all directions, including overhead, to fill the room with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth;
puts sounds into motion all around you; the specific sounds of people, music, and things move all around […]

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Home Cinema

How New Technologies have Enriched the Home Cinema Experience

As a nation in which television transmissions only became available as recently as 1976, many South Africans will still remember a time when the home cinema experience began with a trip to a local store to rent one or two 16-mm movies and, unless one was fortunate enough to own one personally, […]

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Boardroom Automation

A Boardroom Automation System Could Add Impact to Your Meetings

The word boardroom is frequently the subject of a play on words. Punsters have a tendency to label it, instead, as the “bored room”. In fact, without the benefit of a seasoned speaker and some effective automation of the audiovisual equipment in use, it must be said that boredom is, all […]

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Home Automation

Home Automation Is no Longer the Stuff of Science Fiction

Anyone who may have seen an episode or two of “A Town called Eureka” or some similar sci-fi series is likely to have dreamed of living in a house where every possible need, from adjusting the lighting and turning on the TV and selecting a favourite news or sports channel, to […]

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White Noise

The Nature of White Noise and some of its useful Applications

Given the unfailing capacity of South Africans to turn almost any topic into a joke, whether familiar with its true meaning or not, the term white noise provides the joker with a unique opportunity for some irreverent and perhaps politically inappropriate humour. In reality, however, its meaning is somewhat abstruse […]

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Boardroom Solutions

Developing Innovative Boardroom Solutions for the 21st Century

If the factory floor is the heart of a business, then the boardroom is its nerve centre, and it is from here that most of the solutions essential to its overall operation are likely to originate. The reality is that, for much of the time, the company’s senior executives work in relative isolation; […]

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Commercial & Corporate Systems

Leveraging Audio-Visual Technology to Drive Commercial and Corporate Systems

While, as recently as the ‘50s, many of the commercial and corporate systems in use had evolved little from those employed a century earlier, following the advent of the personal computer and the microchip, most business-related tasks have since undergone a dramatic transformation. Generally, information is no longer stored as hard copies […]

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ELAN Debuts Major Software Update, Including Amazon Echo Integration

DALLAS, TEXAS, September 15, 2016 – Furthering Core Brands’ commitment to providing technology integrators with the most intuitive platform for home control, ELAN today unveiled its 8.0 software release. The comprehensive new release, which will ship in November 2016, adds a new user interface, voice control of all system events via Amazon Echo, and new integrations with Dish and the […]

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