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M&K Sound speakers inside THX Ltd’s facilities

We were very chuffed to see a recent addition to THX Ltd’s facilities of a full M&K Sound S300 system as their reference speakers. The S300 is an evolution of the S150, built since 1995. The S300 exceeds the highest THX Ultra2 standards for accurate sound reproduction.

M&K Sound speakers are manufactured in Denmark and Elite Technologies are proud to be […]

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Video Conferencing Technologies

Be at more than one place at a time. 

Communicating in the digital age allows for a more diverse build up of networking and contacts. This is especially so when it comes to conferences, meetings and video dialogue. Here at Elite Technologies, we aim to set up our clients with the most efficient and concise devices and programmes that facilitate video […]

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Smart Home Theatre Systems

Bring the Theatre Into Your Lounge

Smart home theatre systems are all the rage…and with due cause. Bring the movie house into your lounge with a system from Elite and enjoy your own opening night, every night, in the comfort of your own home and without the many distractions present at the local cinema.

Elite home theatre systems will kit you out […]

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The Future of Cables for HDMI 2.0

For years we wired the world with coax in various forms, from one to six cables per bundle. It worked pretty much every time. Then along came HDMI. We had to switch over to Category X cables to get some distance. At first, it took Cat/X 2 cables, but now we are down to one — or are we?

Yes, there […]

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High Definition vs. Standard Definition

What exactly is the difference?

We’re certain that by now you must have heard of high definition, and are most probably considering purchasing your very own high definition home theatre system. If you are still undecided and want to motivate your need to buy one of these, here is why you should go ahead.
In a nutshell, the difference between high […]

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Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast developing killer residential systems or simply quality-driven, you’ll find that the difference between sound and audio production by mix-‘n-match audio visual systems from discount retailers and the like – as opposed to the smooth communications experience afforded by a specialist audio system supplier lies in environmental and technical factors that turns a tv show into […]

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Choosing Ceiling Speakers

Music and entertainment have become a part of our daily lives, with a variety of tools and technology that make it accessible from anywhere, there are endless possibilities when it comes to the manner in which you enjoy it.

Home entertainment is a massive industry, with a wide variety of options to improve your experience. Today it is no longer necessary […]

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Improve your office environment with sound masking

Sound management is an often overlooked aspect of office planning, but intelligent acoustic planning can create a more peaceful and productive office. White noise and sound masking systems can give you control over your office’s acoustics. Sound masking is part of a comprehensive solution that can do far more than noise cancellation or sound dampening materials can accomplish alone. A […]

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Get More From Technology With Smart Home Systems

If you are looking for the ultimate solution in home automation control, then turn to smart home systems technologies. There are so many technologies and solutions out there that will turn your home into a smart dwelling. By harnessing the power of technology in your every day life, you will save money on your home’s energy costs and boost your […]

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Home Entertainment Systems

Welcome to your dream home of today!

You now have so many options and choices when planning a distributed multiroom home entertainment system.

A multiroom control system can deliver music and audio to many rooms around the home from a centralised space for the control and distribution equipment and devices. There’s something for everyone in the family!

You can have […]

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