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Home Movie Theatre

Create an Authentic Movie Theatre Experience in Your Own Home

Sadly, there is sometimes a price to be paid for progress. The gradual emergence of digital audio-visual media that has replaced 35-mm films and mechanical projectors, also brought to an end one of the most iconic features of the nation’s outdoor lifestyle. In February 2014, the Menlyn Park Drive-In, the last […]

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Buy Boardroom Equipment

Basic Equipment for the Modern Boardroom and Where to Buy It

In the past, when business communication was primarily verbal with the occasional written memo to be filed as a permanent record, a suitably large table with the appropriate number of chairs was considered adequate for the kind of discussion taking place at a typical board meeting. In addition to printed […]

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A V Equipment Leasing

Capital Budget Limited? Consider Leasing your AV Equipment Instead

The face of business has changed almost beyond recognition over the course of the past five or six decades. While at that time, Roneo machines, overhead projectors, fax machines and WordPerfect documents displayed on a green screen were considered to be at the cutting-edge of technology, the digital devices we rely upon […]

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Video Conferencing Equipment

Video Conferencing Equipment Offers Substantial Cuts to Company Operating Costs

When meeting an important prospective client for the first time, few business people would deny the value of the personal touch as demonstrated by a handshake, a bow or a peck on both cheeks, depending upon the local custom. When the company and its client happen to occupy the same city, […]

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Home Automation

Boost your Leisure Time with Some Smart Home Automation

In practice, current technology continues to fall a little short of the Science Fiction writer’s world in which one can instruct the “Autochef” to synthesise a convincing rump steak from mycoproteins and grill it to medium-rare perfection. Nevertheless, there have been huge advances in the field of home automation and it could […]

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Home Theatre Systems

The Remarkable Evolution of the Modern Home Theatre System

Today, many people are likely to find it almost inconceivable that there was a time when it was not possible to enjoy a movie in the comfort of one’s own home. In fact, prior to the release by Eastman Kodak of the world’s first Super 8 cameras and projectors in 1965, packaged […]

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Home Sound Systems

Distributed Audio Offers the Ultimate Advance in Home Sound Systems

There have been huge advances in the world of audio entertainment. Some may still recall the days when a radiogram housed in a smart oak or walnut cabinet was often the centrepiece of the living areas, and when a relaxing evening meant listening first to the latest episode of Jet Jungle […]

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Video Conferencing Solutions

South Africa is Becoming More Reliant on Video Conferencing Solutions

With its re-admission into the global market, South Africa experienced an unprecedented need to become more competitive. It is frequently claimed that “it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good” and, while the weak rand has made overseas trips and imported goods more expensive, the proverb holds true in that […]

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Theatre and Home Cinemas

Designing Theatre and Home Cinemas for the 21st Century

When one stops to consider just how completely the digital camera has replaced its optical precursor or how the once ubiquitous Walkman, with its compact music tapes has gradually been replaced by the iPod and the smartphone, it is perhaps surprising that the cinema and, to a lesser extent, also the live […]

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