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Corporate Projectors

Inject More Life into Corporate Presentations with a Multimedia Projector

Thankfully, the days of attending a business meeting in the boss’s office, or perhaps a company boardroom, and being forced to listen while, armed with chalk and a blackboard, someone droned on in a monotone about last month’s figures and the prospects for next, are largely a thing of the past. […]

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Lighting Control Solutions

A Lighting Control Solution Could Save Time, Effort, and Cash

Although most of the country tends to enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout the year, when night descends, as it does comparatively early for most of the year, many South Africans will then rely upon electricity to provide their homes and offices with artificial illumination. For overhead lights, this normally involves pressing […]

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Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems Make Life Simpler, safer, and More Comfortable

While the concept of an automated house under the control of an artificial intelligence and designed to meet every possible need of its occupants may still be the dream of sci-fi buffs, the rapid advances in electronics have meant that this dream is no longer as far from being realised as […]

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Boardroom Solutions

Some Advanced Audio-Visual Solutions for Use in the Boardroom

For the younger corporate executives of the 21st century, it is likely to be difficult to imagine an age in which chalk and talk, or perhaps hand-drawn images on transparent vinyl sheets displayed by means of an overhead projector, were the sole means of communication when addressing a meeting or a presentation […]

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Home Automation

Home Automation with Absolute Accessibility

Over the centuries, mankind has gone through many changes. As a species, we have evolved from the medieval times of swords and horses, to a time where money controls the world and capitalistic wealth is something most of us desire. We want to live in a house where everything can be controlled from the comfort of […]

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Home Automation Systems

A Working Home Automation System

Working in the corporate world, we are exposed to boardrooms that are filled to the brim with endless technological advances to grant ease of access and ensure that the systems work perfectly in meetings and conferences. Even though these technologies and toys are used to enhance the business environment, the same technology can be applied and […]

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Home Automation Solutions

Accessible Solutions

When talking about home automation solutions, we usually think of big mansions with very privileged people living in them, but there is so much more to it than that, and the technology is also more accessible than you might imagine. Although a system that incorporates the use of various technologies to grant you access to almost every controllable aspect […]

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Buy Projector Screens Gauteng

Some Important Considerations When Buying Projector Screens in Gauteng

It is surprising just how many people seem quite happy to part with a huge wad of cash in order to buy a state-of-the-art digital projector and then decide to scrimp on the screen. Given that Gauteng is the most populous province of South Africa, and also its main centre of commerce, […]

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Buy a Projector

Some Important Points to Consider When You Buy a Projector

When setting out to buy a projector today, it is highly unlikely that the buyer is planning to project holiday slides or to show 16-mm home movies. Equipment of this nature is almost obsolete in most countries and is most likely to be found in the windows of second-hand shops or […]

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Auditorium AV Equipment

Select Quality AV Equipment for Use in an Auditorium

As citizens of the 21st century, we are living in an audio-visual world. Ours is an era in which telephones are no longer tethered by a cable and limited to two-way conversations, but are fitted with screens with the ability to display video calls and text messages, stream movies from the internet, […]

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