Buy Projector Screens Gauteng

Buy Projector Screens Gauteng

Some Important Considerations When Buying Projector Screens in Gauteng

It is surprising just how many people seem quite happy to part with a huge wad of cash in order to buy a state-of-the-art digital projector and then decide to scrimp on the screen. Given that Gauteng is the most populous province of South Africa, and also its main centre of commerce, it is not surprising that sales of these items and of other audio-visual equipment in the region are the highest in the country. The high demand extends both to the province’s business users and to its families who purchase them for home-entertainment purposes.

Many will recall the days before the small screen became a feature of South African homes. Prior to the first SABC broadcasts in 1976, movies were enjoyed either at the bioscope, the drive-in or, on those nights one stayed at home, with the aid of a hired 16-mm film and matching projector. Rather than buying screens, most families in Gauteng and across the nation were perfectly happy to view the flickering images on a white sheet or the bare surface of a suitable indoor or outdoor wall, depending on the weather.

However, for those who wish to enjoy the full benefit offered by the high-definition visual material produced today, such compromises are no longer an option. White walls and hanging sheets simply won’t cut it. In order to display these quality images as they were intended to be seen, the need will be for a rather more hi-tech surface. In this area too, there have been some significant advances. Today, if you should decide to buy dedicated projector screens, whether from a supplier in Gauteng or online, there are a number of factors to be considered.

First, you will need to decide whether you want a free-standing model with a tripod support or a wall-mounted unit that can be retracted when it is not in use. Should it be required for outdoor use, there are now some inflatable models that could be the answer. Also, while most are designed for front-projection, in which the projector and audience are on the same side, there may be architectural reasons why a rear-projection system could prove to be the better choice.

Like the latest TVs, when you buy projector screens, some suppliers in Gauteng may be able to offer the choice of either a flat or a curved model. The appropriate choice will be determined by the optics used in your projection device and the position of the audience relative to that of the projected image.

One important performance characteristic of these units is the property known as “gain”. This is a measure of its reflective ability, which needs to be high enough to defeat the effect of any ambient light. A typical value for a matte grey surface is around 0,8, while surfaces coated with reflective glass beads can reach 2,5 or more and are ideal for use outdoors or wherever the ambient light levels are high.

By now, it will be apparent that buying projector screens is less straightforward than you might have thought. Buyers in Gauteng would be well advised to consult Elite Technologies in order to benefit from both expert advice and world-class, audio-visual equipment from leading manufacturers.