Buy Boardroom Equipment

Buy Boardroom Equipment

Basic Equipment for the Modern Boardroom and Where to Buy It

In the past, when business communication was primarily verbal with the occasional written memo to be filed as a permanent record, a suitably large table with the appropriate number of chairs was considered adequate for the kind of discussion taking place at a typical board meeting. In addition to printed copies of the agenda and any relevant company reports, a blackboard and chalk might also have served as an elementary visual aid for those wanting to better illustrate their words.

By contrast, though, many may still retain their impressive table and chairs, there are more than a few extra items that one might need to buy when furnishing a modern boardroom with the state-of-the-art equipment seen as essential for efficient and effective communication today.

Given that most of the communication at board meetings is still predominately verbal, it is vital that all present are able to hear a speaker’s words clearly. For those with marked hearing loss and obliged to wear a hearing aid, there may well be the option to connect their device to an induction loop. However, for the benefit of those with normal hearing, a system of microphones and suitably positioned speakers provides an effective means to ensure that the proceedings of the meeting can be heard clearly from any position within the room. The quality of sound possible with a modern system ensures that each syllable is rendered faithfully and crystal clear, thus ensuring the best possible listening experience.

Just as the volume and clarity of the spoken word is crucial to the success of a meeting, so too is the quality of any projected or broadcast images or video material. Consequently, when preparing to buy equipment, such as projectors and screens for use in the boardroom, it will be important to select it with care. Depending upon the size and the layout of the room in question, in addition to the free-standing models, digital projectors are now available for mounting either on a wall or on the ceiling. Similar precautions will also need to be observed when selecting a screen which should be able to render a bright, clear image.

Although the value of a quality audio-visual setup and some good content is undeniable, without further purchases, those who may be required to use it will need to attend to the various routine operational requirements, such as drawing the curtains or blinds, dimming the overhead lights, changing presentation slides and even switching between different digital sources, such as a PCs and a DVD or Blu-ray player. In practice, it is not necessary for the presenter to manage any of these tasks manually. By adding a customised control system to your list of purchases, all of the audio-visual equipment that you may buy for your boardroom can then be managed by means of a suitably configured touch panel.

As experts in the fields of audio-visual technology, as well as in domestic and commercial automation systems, Elite Technologies is able to tailor a solution to match the unique needs of your premises and your budget. Our guarantee of world-class branded products is backed by a flair for innovation and a reputation for service excellence.