Boardroom Solutions

Boardroom Solutions

Developing Innovative Boardroom Solutions for the 21st Century

If the factory floor is the heart of a business, then the boardroom is its nerve centre, and it is from here that most of the solutions essential to its overall operation are likely to originate. The reality is that, for much of the time, the company’s senior executives work in relative isolation; communicating by email and collaborating on projects with the aid of workflow management software via a local or wide area network. However, while such facilities play an invaluable role in business, there are many occasions on which the most effective form of collaboration is live and face to face, perhaps to brainstorm a new marketing strategy or to plan a product launch.

On such occasions, time can be of the essence, so it is essential to ensure that facts and ideas are conveyed as effectively and as accurately as possible. The days of chalk and talk, whiteboards, and marker pens, and even the once-ubiquitous overhead projector, have long passed. In their place, the boardroom of today relies on advanced audio-visual solutions to get those all-important messages across.

That said, many of us are likely to recall attending lectures during which the images from a slide projector were changed by means of a remote control, quite often inappropriately, while the speaker offered mumbled explanations of the visual material that remained unintelligible to many of those present. One cannot help but wonder how different those experiences might have been with the help of a little automation and a decent sound system. Imagine an installation in which a compact touch panel offers the presenter centralised control over all of the electronic and audio-visual equipment that a business could possibly need.

Specialising in the supply of such equipment, Pretoria-based Elite Technologies partners with many of the AV industry’s leaders worldwide, to develop purpose-built, automated, installations that offer crucial, high-performance audio-visual solutions, for use in the boardroom as well as integrated home entertainment systems for residential use.

In keeping with the company’s insistence upon quality, we source state-of-the-art products exclusively from the world’s leading brands for use in our corporate projects. Whether a simple screen or a sophisticated PVR recorder, it is chosen with long-term performance foremost in mind.

To ensure the desired impact of any presentation, whether it is aimed at clients or colleagues, control can be every bit as crucial as content. This too, is a field in which we excel, providing automated boardroom solutions by means of sophisticated touch-panel systems designed to integrate and manage multiple screens, projectors, computers, PVRs, and other AV equipment.