Boardroom Solutions

Boardroom Solutions

Some Advanced Audio-Visual Solutions for Use in the Boardroom

For the younger corporate executives of the 21st century, it is likely to be difficult to imagine an age in which chalk and talk, or perhaps hand-drawn images on transparent vinyl sheets displayed by means of an overhead projector, were the sole means of communication when addressing a meeting or a presentation aimed at corporate audiences. Today, those who may be required to conduct this type of boardroom gathering are free to enjoy the benefits of more advanced solutions able to harness powerful new audible and visible communication technologies.

Employed individually or in varying combinations, these technologies provide their users with the means to raise the quality of any presentation to a level that serves to ensure it will be maximally productive, by helping the presenter to better attain their planned goals. Leveraging these technologies in the design of audio-visual equipment that includes multimedia projectors and screens, public address systems, and custom controls, these powerful new boardroom solutions are now playing an indispensable role in an increasing number of South Africa’s top companies.

There are options to suit venues of all sizes, ranging from an executive office to an auditorium large enough to host an international conference. For use on smaller premises, a projector may be used in conjunction with a suitable screen. Today, the latter even includes models with hi-tech surfaces that act to preserve the brightness and the clarity of the projected image without the need for blackout conditions. A choice of ceiling- or wall-mounted projectors offers the means to conserve space, whilst ensuring they remain relatively unobtrusive.


Other boardroom solutions are available for use in larger spaces and include sophisticated control systems that simplify the task of the presenter by making it possible for them to perform multiple functions from a central console. Essentially, they can be programmed to provide complete control of all the audio-visual equipment, as well as other electronic devices, including wireless-enabled switches, to regulate lighting, and even electro-mechanical servos that can open and close blinds or curtains automatically.

In addition to installing screens and monitors that cater for projected images, high-resolution, flat-screen TVs offer an ideal means with which to display streamed video material from a variety of sources, and can serve as a valuable addition to one’s existing boardroom solutions.

Quality speakers of all sizes and frequency ranges are, of course, a useful accompaniment to high-resolution visuals under any circumstances, whether the images are projected to a screen or rendered using monitors back-lit by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). When operating in a large auditorium, however, they are absolutely essential in order to ensure that each attendee present is able to discern every spoken word clearly and not battling to understand the presenter. Good speakers can be especially valuable to those whose speech may be softer or less clear.

While the above items are a good cross-section of today’s boardroom solutions, the way these may be best applied will be determined by the needs of and the facilities available to the would-be purchasers who should seek professional advice before making a commitment. South African businesses can benefit from the experience of Elite Technologies and our partnership with the world leaders in manufacture of quality audio-visual products.