Boardroom Automation

Boardroom Automation

A Boardroom Automation System Could Add Impact to Your Meetings

The word boardroom is frequently the subject of a play on words. Punsters have a tendency to label it, instead, as the “bored room”. In fact, without the benefit of a seasoned speaker and some effective automation of the audiovisual equipment in use, it must be said that boredom is, all too often, the main consequence of business meetings and presentations. Even during our schooldays, most of us will have encountered at least one teacher whose unvarying tone invariably induced drowsiness, relieved only by their laughable failure to present the correct slide to match the dialogue. Sadly, such mishaps are not confined to a nation’s educational establishments, but are prone to continue into adult life and the corporate world.

In fact, it has been well-established that even the most engaging orator is unable to hold the attention of an audience indefinitely and that the use of appropriate audiovisual material is essential to do so as well as to expand upon and to re-inforce the words of the speaker. While there is no doubt about the value of public address systems, monitors, and digital projectors, controlling them and integrating their activities appropriately can prove to be a complex task and will often result in errors that can be both distracting and embarrassing. On the other hand, an effective automation system with which to manage your boardroom presentations could prevent this type of error and so eliminate any risk of that dreaded “bored room” effect.

What, in particular, should such an automated setup be capable of? While the requirements are certain to differ from one company to the next, as will their budget allocations, there are probably five technologies that will provide the greatest benefit. Of these, there is little doubt that a high-end sound system should be at the top of the list. It will allow the voices of those who tend to mumble into their beards as well as of the booming baritones to be adjusted to a level where everyone present is able to hear and understand their words.

Next on the list should be some high-definition visual equipment, which may be a projector and screen, an interactive whiteboard, one of the new 4K TVs, or some combination of these. The need for quality images is paramount, whether as part of a boardroom automation system or for manual operation. Incidentally, since it will often be necessary to adjust the ambient lighting to enhance visuals, control over lighting and shading could also be a valuable if optional addition.

Sometimes it is desirable to share a presentation or the proceedings of a meeting among several locations. To achieve this as efficiently as possible, it can be an advantage to integrate the control of the company’s local or wide area network into a suitable automated system.

Finally, it would not be an automated system without central control and this, together with any specialised switches and motorised servos that may be required, will be the responsibility of a specialist. In South Africa, Elite Technologies is widely recognised as a leading supplier of world-class equipment for the automation of core functions both in the boardroom and in the home.