Auditorium AV Equipment

Auditorium AV Equipment

Select Quality AV Equipment for Use in an Auditorium

As citizens of the 21st century, we are living in an audio-visual world. Ours is an era in which telephones are no longer tethered by a cable and limited to two-way conversations, but are fitted with screens with the ability to display video calls and text messages, stream movies from the internet, help us navigate between cities, bank online, and even play poker at a virtual casino.

Not surprisingly, then, a conference at which the speakers address their audience with a very basic PA system, and illustrate their main points with magic markers on a whiteboard, would be unlikely to captivate too many attendees, regardless of how compelling its subject may be. Instead, they now expect the more stimulating type of presentation typical of an auditorium fitted with advanced AV equipment.

Both the spoken word and any projected visual material to be used in support will need to be of exceptional clarity if they are to arouse the desired level of interest in an audience. Each attendee must be able to see and hear all the proceedings, irrespective of where they may be seated. To ensure adequate sound quality, both microphones and speakers must perform to the exceptional standards now possible with the state-of-the-art units of today. The latter must be located in a manner that ensures uniform sound distribution, while the microphones should be both reliable and easy to use if they are to form part of the AV equipment in an auditorium.

Having sorted the sound performance, the next step must be to make sure the conference will be picture-perfect. This will mean that, not only must the projector meet the performance requirement for a room of the particular size, but the screen must be of sufficient quality to display the projected images with crystal clarity. The projector performance will be especially important if the event is going to be held outdoors. Only a high-intensity projection setup will be sufficient to combat interference from ambient light where the AV equipment is intended for use in an outdoor auditorium.

In some situations, for example when exhibiting at one of the nation’s many trade exhibitions, the organisers are often able to combine facilities to conduct audio-visual presentations in suitably enclosed areas with comparable marketing technology for use in shared, open areas. For the latter purpose, digital signage and video walls have long replaced posters, pull-up banners, and light boxes. The mix of impressive visual materials and explanatory dialogue presented in high definition provides exhibitors with the means to project their sales message and to update it with ease, while also having access to areas within the auditorium where they can make use of its advanced AV equipment to deliver live presentations.

To hire such premises can prove costly, so the success of an event can be crucial. For those who may own such venues, it is therefore especially important to ensure that their clients will have high-quality presentation and other relevant support facilities at their disposal. One local supplier whose name is synonymous with world-class audio-visual products and service excellence is Elite Technologies. We are an acknowledged industry leader in the specialised fields of home, business, and auditorium AV equipment.