Audio Visual and Technology integrators

Elite Technologies is a Gauteng-based company specialising in the sale and installation of premier audio-visual (AV) and building automation equipment. We provide prestigious solutions for corporate, commercial and home applications, customised to meet your specific needs.

Our established partnerships with international market leaders allows us to draw from a wide pool of world-class design and programming expertise. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver unique solutions that are not available “off-the-shelf”.

With a combination of multi-skilled accredited staff, up-to-the-minute industry intel and years of international experience, we provide only quality products and solutions, complete with service excellence. We have branches in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We deliver our products on a national scale and across borders into Africa.

Commercial & Corporate Systems

Running any commercial enterprise has its challenges. Your AV or automation solution needn’t be one of them.
From small business offices, warehouses and large corporate buildings to reatail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and educational facilities, Elite Technologies has the bespoke solution required. We provide complete low-to-no maintenance turn-key solutions that add value and functionality to your establishment.

Corporate Audio Systems

Communicate with staff, wherever and whenever you need to.
Custom-built around your specific business requirements, we provide crystal-clear audio and 100V line systems. We design and install centralised audio control stations, multiple speakers with independent volume controls, FM / IPod compatible systems and paging microphones.

We install advanced white noise systems for the masking of sounds in open plan corporate office spaces. Sounds include voices, the ringing of phones, keyboards clicking – any noise that you would expect in an office. This is especially important in a call centre environment, where these noises can be particularly distracting to employees and customers.

Custom Electronic Solutions

Building Automation – Digital Signage – IPTV Distribution
Crestron Accredited

Automation technology has advanced beyond the single touch panel and control system. With more than 40 years’ experience in providing fully integrated control and automation solutions, Crestron has been selected as our ideal partner for the design and installation of central and global control systems. With an unmatched global infrastructure of sales, support and training, our partnership delivers proven, flexible solutions, ensuring that your ever-changing business needs are met.

Boardroom Solutions

The boardroom is an imperative business environment. Here, high-level matters are deliberated. Deals are made and lost… Most often it’s the only room that outsiders to your business will ever see.
Our experienced team is qualified to assist you in making the right product and design decisions, so that technological failures never arise to fuel stressful situations or cast doubt on your business.

We can upgrade your existing boardroom or we can design a completely new AV system. Our comprehensive range of boardroom products includes projectors, electric movie screens, sound systems and everything between.

Simple PC2TV products allow for hassle-free presentations and wireless control units offer instant operability. HDMI and wireless connectivity to projectors and display panels ensure the highest-quality feeds.

Video Conferencing

With the fast-paced nature of modern business, coupled with efforts to reduce costs and emissions, video conferencing provides a business-responsible, greener alternative to travel. State-of-the-art technology ensures life-like interactions that virtually put you in the same room. Employees are now able to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Education and training is enhanced through dynamic distance learning opportunities.

Centralised customer service representatives have a greater, personal reach than ever before.
We recommend Polycom video conferencing equipment. Apart from superior quality and tireless innovation, flexibility and ease of use rank top of the list.
Polycom offers an extensive range of options, from single-user workstation and mobile applications to large conference and boardroom solutions.

Restaurants / Retail Stores

Some things go unnoticed – until they go wrong. Our experts are here to ensure that your AV solutions support your business, every step of the way.

For retail stores, malls and restaurants, we specialise in small to large indoor and outdoor AV systems for digital signage, background music, entertainment and announcements. These include various speaker combinations, as well as a massive range of HD television screens and projectors with DStv / satellite integration.

Systems are centrally and remotely operated with independent controls for different zones. Each system is individually designed around your business needs, your environment, your particular style and of course, your budget.

Hotels / Guest houses

Having worked with various hotels and guest houses in and around Gauteng, we understand the importance of a neat, high-quality and reliable entertainment solution.

We offer DStv commercial installations, running all decoders centrally, off one satellite dish, as well as highly customisable DStv bouquet packages to cater for your clients. This enables you to save on subscription costs!

A range of television screens and custom wall-mounts are available, and disabled settings and tuning functions ensure that guests do not inadvertantly interfere with television settings.
We provide full support and backup with a 24 hour turnaround time.

IP/HDMI Distribution Systems

Visual advertising can provide significant benefit for your business. Ensure that you give your business or your clients the best possible promotional opportunities by ensuring crystal-clear communication.

For simple and reliable commercial advertising and retail display, our distribution systems allow you to send one signal to multiple projectors, television screens or PC monitors.
Also suited to digital signage, DStv distribution and corporate applications.

Home Systems:

Hi-fi / Surround Sound
Ceiling / Outdoor Speakers
Smart Homes
Multi-room / Automation
Lighting Controls
Projectors / Movie Screens
LCD / LED / Plasma
High Definition (HDMI)

Embrace and enjoy the power of technology in your home with any of our user-friendly AV and home automation solutions.
We cater for all applications, including acoustic treatment and acoustic set-up of music systems. Multi-room audio allows for music and video to travel through your home with a simple navigational audio product and we cater for multiple source inputs of media.

Complete home theatres are designed cable-free and installed using power management solutions. All systems are installed using supreme interconnections to deliver the best performance and ease of use from your 5.1, Multiroom and Stereo systems. We specialise in the implementation of home automation solutions that integrate with and control your multi-room audio, video, lighting and security systems from a single user interface.

Remote control is also available via any web-enabled device.