A V Equipment Leasing

A V Equipment Leasing

Capital Budget Limited? Consider Leasing your AV Equipment Instead

The face of business has changed almost beyond recognition over the course of the past five or six decades. While at that time, Roneo machines, overhead projectors, fax machines and WordPerfect documents displayed on a green screen were considered to be at the cutting-edge of technology, the digital devices we rely upon today represent a quantum leap from what, to many, must seem rather like a rerun of the dark ages.

Among the many technological advances that have contributed to this transformation is the outstanding quality of audio-visual or AV equipment now available, either for leasing, much like a company car, or as an outright purchase. One has only to recall the launch of the SABC’s first television channel in 1976 and compare the bulky receivers of the time, with their CRT displays consisting of lines separated by rather obvious spaces, with the high definition, flat screen LED displays of today in order to recognise the value of this technology in to modern business.

When presenting to a client or to a board of directors, it is no longer necessary to fumble with transparencies or even with 35mm slides whilst delivering its content. Instead the use of a digital projector has made it possible to source the material direct from a PC and even to automate the delivery, if required. Alternatively, content can be relayed wirelessly to a high-definition screen of any size for an even better display.  Furthermore, when either is used in combination with 4D audio quality, the experience becomes a fully-immersive one that is not unlike watching an IMAX movie, albeit in rather more compact surroundings.

Video conferencing has grown to become an important application for AV equipment and leasing it has offered many companies the opportunity to adopt this technology. In addition to swapping the need to make a capital purchase for a fixed monthly addition to their operating budgets, the facility is also helping them to cut travels costs and to minimise the absence of employees, allowing them more time to deal with other tasks.

The other big advantage of a choosing a rental arrangement as opposed to a purchase is that, as a lessee, you will be relieved of all responsibility for and cost of preventative maintenance and repairs. In addition, while it may not always be a policy adopted by other lessors, when dealing with Elite Technologies, you will even enjoy upgrading to the latest models, free of charge, as and when they become available, thereby ensuring that your business remains at the cutting-edge of the relevant technology.

While few business owners are likely to doubt the value of quality AV equipment, some may still harbour concerns about the wisdom of leasing. This may be because, in the past, they have fallen foul of some of the common tricks of the trade. Typically, these could be well-hidden clauses that allow automatic renewal of a lease upon expiry without need for consultation or an annual escalation clause that could compel the lessee to pay progressively more with each passing year.

You need have no such concerns. When dealing with Elite Technologies, our quality products are backed by expert service and a clean contract, without any automatic renewal or escalation clause to surprise you.